About Blur

The Blur Network is an experimental project based upon the premise that privacy and centralization cannot coexist.  Blur focuses on maximizing accessibility to block rewards, while fostering an educational environment. They seek to create an ecosystem where individuals can take a first-hand role in protecting their right to privacy. 

The Blur Network employs a custom algorithm for mining, called CryptoNight-Dynamic.  The algorithm adjusts approximately once every five seconds, with a goal of maintaining CPU advantages over specialized mining hardware.  Making use of a Unix timestamp, the current block height, and the previous block’s hash,  CryptoNight-Dynamic varies iterations in the CryptoNight algorithm. Employing a timestamp in the calculation serves the purpose of dynamic iterations on an intra-block basis, while height and the previous block’s hash create variation on an inter-block basis. 

Technical Details:

Name: Blur

Ticker: BLUR

Asset Type: Coin


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