Listing Application

Listing Terms

  • Non-consensus wallet updates are free of charge
  • Updates that require a Swap from one coin/token to another are, but require a custom implementation of a wallet, such as brand new consensus algorithm and blockchain implementations, will have a cost associated to them proportionally to the time taken to implement the new wallet.
  • You must provide at least a 7 day notice prior to consensus changing update or fork. Failure to inform Txbit of a fundamental changes to your project’s chain may may cause unnecessary delays in updating your wallet.
  • At the discretion of, one of your Core Team members, or a company employee in a leadership position, must pass the Due Diligence process before listing is approved.
    • The Due Diligence process consists of the following items:
      • A copy of the listing individual's government-issued ID (front & back, formats accepted: PDF/JPG/PNG)
      • A Video Call for face-to-face disclosure and agreement to the Terms of Listing.
  • Txbit reserves the right to delist your asset if one or more of the conditions outlined below are met, and no communication was received from your team within a sufficient time period to explain or rectify the condition. The conditions are:
    • The project ceases or is likely to cease its operation or business activities with no rectification over 3 month period,
    • There is a security issue with the project’s technology,
    • Ongoing technical problems such as constant forking or problems with network synchronization, without any solutions from the developers of the project,
    • The project’s information disclosure is incomplete, misleading or untrue,
    • The project or its team member (including but not limited to founders, consultants) is under investigation for a suspected breach of or is convicted for. An actual breach of any applicable laws, statutes and regulations.
    • The project carries out market misconduct such as wash trading, market manipulation or insider trading.
    • In case of a swap that requires a custom implantation of a brand new wallet and/or daemon, and the project team does not to compensate txbit for implementation of a new wallet and/or daemon,
    • Extremely low volume - When a project has less than $100 per day volume averaged over 1 year period. 
  • If any of the above conditions are met, the Txbit team will attempt to contact the core members of the team through means provided during application. Failure to respond in due time could lead the asset to be delisted at Txbit’s discretion.
  • Upon being delisted from the exchange, any trades or deposits will be suspended. 


Applying for a listing does NOT guarantee that your application will be approved. Txbit follows a strict review process for each application, and only projects that meet the required criterias will be listed on the platform.

If your application is declined, you will be immediately refunded your listing fee and a reply will be sent explaining the reason why the listing is not possible.