1. Click into the WALLETS tab.

2. Search for the cryptocurrency wallet that you would like to deposit into. You may use the search bar at the top left of the page to quickly find the wallet you are seeking.

3. Click Deposit.

4. Generate New address by clicking the Generate Address button. (skip this step if you already have an address)

5. You can deposit your funds to the address found in this page. Click the Copy Address button to quickly copy the address to your clipboard. You may also use the QR code to deposit the funds to the same address.

6. You may track the progress of your Deposit on the txbit exchange by looking at the DEPOSITS section. You may click on the Transaction to expand to view more details about it.


Problems with your deposit? Please read: http://support.txbit.io/support/solutions/articles/44000447141-deposit-did-not-arrive